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Empire lighting exciting moment at GET show 2017 share with you ~v~
Subject :  The GET Show Guangzhou Entertainment Technology show Feb 27 to March 2nd 2017 
We are very pleased to share the exciting moment at GET show 2017 with you . 
(Pls check attached pictures for memories of our activities moments ~v~)
Once again Empire lighting participate as an exhibitor & present an exciting range of new & hot selling items :
The most charming champion , attracting all eyes  -------  ¡ï  NO. 1  :     Empire   " Mythos "
©~ What an excelent Big bang birth , it makes the World boiling !
©~ With " Beam , Spot , Wash + CMY system + Animation effects "
©~ 1 by 1 Clay Paky copy , with high standard material level .
Pls check attached leaflet pictures & click the following links for vedios :
No.2    Empire 330w series : Pointe 330w,  Super Gun 330w & Beamspot 330w .
No.3    Empire hot seller :  Top 280 , which is as well as orginal Claypaky Sharpy  ------ The most brightness Sharpy in the World !
No.4    Pointe 280  &  Sharpy series 260W 10R 230W 7R 200W 5R  
The above items make a very exciting performance in the exhibiton & focus all eyes .  ~v~
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